A Peer-Supported Community for Sober Living

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TIME South.
Empowering Women
on Their Journey
to Recovery.

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TIME North.
A Recovery Community Based On Structure And Understanding.
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TIME Sober Living is a peer-supported community that offers safe and structured sober living designed to help men and women navigate the early stages of recovery. We proudly feature separate gender-specific housing, each operated by staff who actively practice and live by the principles of a 12-Step Fellowship. At TIME Sober Living, our complete focus is on helping our residents reach their personal goals—whatever they may be—so that they may fully embrace sustained wellness and a life free from active addiction.

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TIME Sober Living is a recovery community based on experiential learning and mutual support. Residents take advantage of the various experiences of their peers in order to gain invaluable insight from their successes and failures. Our communities foster a safe and fun environment built on sharing and mutual respect, where residents actively participate in the acts of both giving and receiving help. In a society where alcohol and drug consumption is widely viewed as a common occurrence, Time Sober Living is a place where residents can feel comfortable about their sobriety.


TIME Sober Living understands the term “transitional.” Our goal is to walk alongside our residents through the journey of recovery. One of the many ways we do this is by offering guidance and transportation to services offered through our local agency partners such as discounted bus passes, food banks and pantries, career resource centers and adult education centers. We also work with our clients to set benchmarks throughout their recovery plans, developed within the first week of their arrival. Together, we set realistic short and long-term goals unique to their personal situation.


At TIME Sober Living, we specialize in gender-specific housing because we recognize that men and women experience different challenges on their roads to recovery. The separate housing is designed to encourage the personal achievements of each individual, as well as community involvement. This separation allows men and women to focus on their respective, personalized needs without unnecessary distractions.


TIME South

TIME South is a women’s recovery community specializing in sensitive and compassionate care. We understand the need for discretion, and offer an exclusive environment where women can come together to support one another on their individual paths through team and group events. Surrounded by others who are also in recovery, women can feel safe knowing that they are in good hands and that they will be treated with respect and dignity. At TIME Sober Living, we also assist women in recovery by teaching them the fundamentals of self-care in preparation for the next step in their journey. With sponsored cooking classes once a month and various other workshops designed to teach them basic life skills, women can boost their self-esteem while embracing independence. Residents also have access to our career closet, filled with clothing and other materials designed to aid in their job search.

TIME North helps men to rebuild their lives through the use of a structured and safe peer-supported community. With principles based on understanding and responsibility, we teach men the skills they need to become functioning members of society. Residents have access to career services such as resume building and interview training, as well as our career closet which houses interview-appropriate clothing such as slacks and button-down shirts. We are also committed to teaching our residents how to perform basic life skills such as bed making and household maintenance, so that they may successfully transition from dependent to independent care. With sponsored recreational events like community BBQs and basketball games, TIME Sober Living fosters an environment built on brotherhood, responsibility and mutual respect where men can come together to learn from one another.


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Erika I. Gonzalez

Co-Founder and CEO “The best is yet to come.”

– Pat Dawson

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Moises Gonzalez

Co-Founder “Let’s focus on the solution, not the problem.” Read More
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Eugene Parker

TIME North Supervisor of Operations “The day is only as beautiful as you want it to be.” Read More
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Aleksandra Klauberg

TIME South Supervisor of Operations “Only a life lived in the service to others, is worth living.” Read More
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Lazaro 'Laz' Lugo

TIME North Client Development Specialist “I’m living proof that the 12-Step Program  works!” Read More